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March 6, 2015

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I posted……It’s been crazy….BUT CRAZY GOOD!!!

So much has been going on since I last posted! Things have been busy with Noah’s Legacy, hence the lack of blogging or posting over the last year! After getting back from Guatemala, Noah’s Legacy decided to take a different road this last year. We loved enjoyed every part of our trip to the Village of Hope (wonderful people), but we felt a drawing to help with a local minister who was establishing a foreign mission in Honduras…so 2014…and we’re off to Tegucigalpa!

Again, we found so much disaster and devastation in this country. People living in half made huts of tin and mud. Children with the lack of nutrition they needed to be anywhere near healthy. Another very familiar sight, probably more so than in Guatemala, was the presence of military and policeman on the street corners, in the back of trucks going down the road, and on top of buildings displaying their SKS’s and military rifles. It was very unsettling to say the least.

The hotel that we stayed at was much different than I had imagined and compared to any “hotel” within the states, it was not what you would imagine either. It was basically a courtyard with approx. 10 rooms closed in by a 20 ft locked gate. Each room had 2-3 twin size beds and a bathroom with no ceiling…if you “go”, everyone in the room with you KNOWS (if you know what I mean). After being there for a couple of nights, we learned that just down the street from where we were staying, several policeman were gunned down, execution style, by one of the many gangs in the area. But, I have to say, with all this going on around us, never once did any of our team feel unsafe. God made sure that we kept our minds focused on His work…and we did.

The area was very poor, not quite as impoverished as we had seen in Guatemala, but still suffering. The Noah’s Legacy team worked tirelessly in building cabinets, doing electrical work, and laying tile in the new mission house at Christ Outreach Ministries. We also participated in food distribution to the local villages and VBS/Women’s ministry in the afternoons before the worship service. We were also given the opportunity to visit the local schools and meet with some of the children in the area. We visited a special needs orphanage just blocks away from where we worked. It was this day that meant the most to me. Looking into the eyes of the sweetest spirit and knowing how precious my attention meant to them was overwhelming. As I sat down and they placed “her” in my arms, my heart exploded with emotion. She was a four year old Honduran baby with cerebral palsy whose young mother couldn’t take care of and had left to die. There’s just something about being close to a special needs child that makes you feel so much closer to God. I love Daylee with all my heart: no more, no less than Noah. But there was always a feeling like I was in the “exact same room” with God when I was near Noah. You would have to “know what I mean” to know what I mean! It’s an unexplainable feeling that words just can’t do justice. And, although I know that our visit meant so much to them, they have no idea what they did for us as they allowed us to share apart of their unique beauty!

One day, our pastor, and three of the deacons from our church made a day long trip into a mountainous village that is rarely visited. This was most definitely the worst of the worst that was witnessed while we were there. The pictures and stories that were shared once they returned was heartbreaking, to say the least.

Several days into the trip, on a Thursday to be exact, myself and a friend became “deathly” sick with an unknown illness. After several hours, three more of our members became extremely ill. Within 24 hours, our team had lost eight of its 15 members to this devastating illness that lasted for what seemed like FOREVER, but closer to 48 hours! People still laugh at me when I tell them I came close to a near death experience…they have no clue just how sick we actually were. We were still on the mend (high on an overdose of Imodium…lol) when our airplane flew out of Tegucigalpa on Saturday.

Noah’s Legacy accomplished so much because of you and your help! It was your financial assistance and, most of all, PRAYER that helped us in reaching the goal that was set when we arrived. People all over Le Ermita heard about the wonderful Savior that we serve, many accepting Him as their own personal Savior! Children and families were fed, both physically and spiritually, and it is all because you were “faithful in a few”!!!! You will never know what you have meant to us at Noah’s Legacy or to each person who has been blessed along the way. We appreciate you more than you will ever know!

Another special THANK YOU to the XXXtremes and Center Star Baptist (Killen, AL) for their amazing and overwhelming donation of shoes for this trip! It was an outstanding feeling to see the smiles on the children’s faces as they were handed a new pair of shoes. We tried to express to them that “only they could fill’ the shoes that they were getting…no one in the world can do what you’ve been called to do…except you! Yes…I’m talking to     Y-O-U!! Only you can do the God-given task the way it was designed to be done…someone else may can complete it, but not as well as you…only you can do it the way it was meant to be completed!

This year, four more from last year’s group, will be going back to Honduras for additional street ministry. Please pray that God will bless this trip, many souls will be released from a spiritual prison, and our very loved friends will have a safe and flourished trip! Also, this year, Noah’s Legacy will be doing something a little different. After many, many prayers….Noah’s Legacy feels that we are needed, once again, in Guatemala. Because of our great love for this country and God’s drawing upon our hearts to return, we will be traveling to Chiquimula to continue the His work with Noah’s Legacy. We will be working with a local ministry from Tuscumbia, AL (Building Believer’s in Christ/City of Refuge) who has established a wonderful ministry in that area. We still wholeheartedly feel that Noah’s Legacy must be apart of a children’s ministry. However, when we work to bless the lives of families, we are touching the children as well. So we will continue to ask that you pray for Noah’s Legacy Foundation that we will continue in the direction that God leads so that we may lead others to GOD!!!!

Many blessings and much love……..


Does this look like doing God's work isn't worth it?

Does this look like doing God’s work isn’t worth it?

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Great News!!

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December 29, 2013
Philippians 2:1-5 and Mark 16:15
Well the big news has now been spread….Noah’s Legacy will be going to Honduras in June. We have prayed and sought God’s guidance on where we needed to be. Village of Hope still needs everyone’s prayers and support for all the wonderful things that are doing in following the plan of God. However, once we got word from a local missionary that there were hundreds of …children in an area in Honduras not only without families and homes, but living at the city dumb just survive…our hearts ached. He said he went out there one night when it was coming a storm to just see if what he was seeing was real…and there they were…children underneath cardboard and plastic trying to stay dry from the lightning and rain.
So Brad and I began to pray about where Noah’s Legacy needed to be, physically.  And we both knew that this was the place God had for Noah’s Legacy. We have so much to help with when we get there…but mainly to complete the mission house so that some of these children can move into the other buildings with house parents. I don’t know what all God’s vision is for Noah’s Legacy in Honduras. But I do know…that where he says go, Noah’s Legacy will follow.
Noah’s Legacy mission will always be to LOVE without condition and share Jesus with the world…that may be by word of mouth, clothing, food, shelter, or just attention and love…but we will share Jesus with every nation He provides for us! Thanks for your prayers ahead of time! GOD IS AWESOME!
Philippians 2:1-5 and Mark 16:15

(N)ever (O)verlook (A)nother (H)eart

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Welcome to N.O.A.H.’s Legacy Foundation official website. We are so glad that you took the time to learn more about this foundation. This site is still under construction, but please check out the pages we have up and going. Please let us know what you think or how we can improve this site. Your comments are appreciated!

Welcome to N.O.A.H.’s Legacy Foundation!

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We have FINALLY gotten Noah’s Legacy website started! Just one step closer to being exactly where God has called this foundation to be.